Brand & Logo Checklist

Branding and Logo Checklist

Welcome to the Brand and Logo Checklist! I am very excited to be working with you!

This page acts both as a checklist and is also where you can submit the information for your brand & logo!

If at any point you are needing help of assistance, please feel free to reach out!

Why Your Logo and Brand Are Important

Your logo will tell the story of your brand and make it immediately recognizable. It is what people will come to know your business by. A good and strong logo can make your brand!.

Types of Logos

There are 5 main types of logos that you could potentially choose from:

Icons or symbols

Examples: Nike and Apple.

They are made up of very simple shapes and are rather simple designs. They have the advantage of being easy to remember and very recognizable.


Examples: Walt Disney, Coca Cola and Facebook.

They are made up of a word that uses a particular typography so that they stand out from their competitors.


Examples: HP, ABC and NASA

They use letters that are stylized along with some geometric shape. If the name of a brand is difficult to pronounce, this kind of logo would be ideal.


Combination mark

Examples: KFC and Adidas

They come with a combo of symbols and words.



Examples: Porsche and Starbucks

They have a font placed inside a symbol and it works like a badge or a patch.

Items Needed To Get Started

Brand Evaluation

What is the problem your are solving for your clients?

What kind of voice do you want your brand to have? Funny, Casual or Eloquent?

What are the core values for your business?

Please submit your answers.


What shapes will be incorporated in your logo? Even if it is a lettermark or wordmark logo. The shapes that come together to form the logo, will be something that lends it character. What other aspects are important to you?

Please submit in the form attached.


When you are choosing colors for your brand & logo, think of the colors that represent you and your brand best. The moods and the connotations that these colors evoke makes them the best choice.

Submit 1-3 Colors, photos that represent your color choice or, color pallets so that I can help you create a brand that is uniquely yours!


All fonts enoke a feeling. What type of feeling are you looking for with your fonts? Bold, Fun, Classic, Practical?

You always want to make sure that your fonts are easy to read. They should also convey brand identity and play well with all the elements of the logo.

Logo Examples

While every Brand & Logo is unique to each business owner, it is important for me to  understand your style, what you like and why you like it. To establish this, please submit 3 images of existing logos and and an explanation of why you like them!


Sometimes clients will have a sketch of their logo idea! This is your opportunity to submit a photo of your sketch so that it can be used to in the deveolopment process of your logo and brand design!

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