Website Checklist

Website Checklist

Welcome to the Website Checklist! I am very excited to be working with you!

This page acts both as a checklist and is also where you will submit the information for your website!

If at any point you are needing help of assistance, please feel free to reach out!

Google Information

I will be submitting your Google Sitemaps, adding Google Analytics and Setting up Captcha through your Google Account!

If you don’t have a Google Account, I am happy to set one up for you!

Items Needed To Get Started

Domain Name

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. Whenever you visit a website, the domain name appears in the address bar of the browser.

If you do not already have a domain name I can help you purchase one for your website.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is an online service that makes your website’s content accessible on the internet. Every website is hosted on a web server and Stargazers Unite offers fast, secure and reliable hosting!

Please see our Hosting Plans listed with our website packages.

Example Websites

Every person has a unique style and it is my job to build your something that is authetic to you!

For me to be able to understand the design style you are looking for, please submit 3 websites that you like and a detailed description of why you like them!

Logo Design

A Logo is a symbol or design that identifies your brand. This is a graphic representation of your company and uniquely designed for ready recognition.

Please submit your logo design here. If you do not yet have a logo, please visit our Brand & Logo Design Page!

Brand Style

Brand Style is the visual representation of your brand. This includes your color scheme and typography.

Please submit your brand colors and fonts. If you do not have a brand style please visit our Brand & Logo Design Page!

Social Media Links

Social Media is an easy way to let your audience get to know you and understand your company better.

Please Submit all your Social Media Links so that they can be linked to your website.

Access to Tools

Tools that are commonly used in the creation of your website include: Booking System, Payment Processor, Email/CRM and Event Calendar.

Having access to these tools allows for quick and easy integration.

Website Goals

Websites can have different goals. For example: to drive taffic, engage prospects, help close sales, streamlining tasks, attract new employees, etc.

Please Submit the goals you have for your website.

Standard Pages for Websites

Listed below are the standard pages found on most websites and the information that is usually found one each page.

We understand that every website is different and unique. You may find your website does not need all the pages listed below.

Or you might need a page that is not listed! please fill out the necessary information.

if you need help, Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Home Page

Your home page should identify your website’s main service or product.

This page introduces your business and links to other pages on your site with that get into more detail.

About Page

This page is usually a description of you and your business – why you do what you do, what makes you unique and why you are qualified. It’s usually a good idea to include personal pictures of you,

Services Page

If you sell a service, you may want a page describing the service in detail and giving pricing information.

Products Page

If you sell a product you may want a page describing the product in detail and giving pricing information.

FAQ Page

A list of frequently asked questions is a good way to make sure all of your visitors get their questions answered AND it will save you time in the long run!

Portfolio Page

If you need, this page is to display pictures like before/after photos to showcase your work, this page is not always necessary to have only if it fits your needs,

Reviews Page

If you have references or testimonials that are appropriate to display, include them on your website.

Contact Page

This page will have your contact information (Phone, Email, Address if necessary). It WILL also have a contact form that people can fill out.SO You can receive aN email when someone fills out the form.

Additional Page

Some websites require special pages or additional pages that are not already listed. Should this apply to your website, please submit the information through this form.

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