Website Design and Developement

Your website is the center of your business universe. It guides your client experience and shines light on how you can easily show people the passion behind what you do.

Let me help you build a website that you can stand behind! A website that is not only in alignment but speaks your voice – because everyone needs to hear from you.

Website Packages

New Moon Package


Single Landing Page

Up to 5 Pages

Additional Pages $177

Customizable WordPress Theme

Contact Form

Appointment Scheduler

Mobile Design

All Website Packages Require either the Shooting Star of Super Nova Hosting Plan!

Full Moon Package


Up to 15 Pages

Additional Pages $177

Everything in New Moon Package

Fully Customized WordPress Theme

Photo Gallery

Blog Page *Up to 3 Posts Included

Additional Blogs $15

All Website Packages Require either the Shooting Star of Super Nova Hosting Plan!

Super Moon Package


Up to 25 Pages

Additional Pages $177

Everything in Full Moon Package

If Needed:

Shopping Cart *Up to 20 Products

Event Calendar Plugin

Membership Plans

All Website Packages Require Either the Shooting Star of Super Nova Hosting Plan!

Things to Take Note Of…

1) All information for websites will be submitted through our secure forms on our Website Checklist. Click Here for the Website Checklist

2) Payment plans will be set up on autopay for three consecutive months. The website will go live when the final payment has been made.

3) Website builds that exceed 3 months will have already completed the payment process before the website goes live.

4) Website builds exceeding six months may incur additional charges.

5) Premiums Plugins are not included with the Purchase of Website or Hosting Package. These will need to be purchased and registered in your name and will be billed annually.

6) Website Packages Do Not Include Logo Design or Brand Development. However, Stargazers Unite does offer this service. Click Here to See Brand & Logo Design.

7) Graphics, Images and Content must be provided by the client.

8) Websites are built with the Divi theme through WordPress.

9) All Websites Required a Hosting Plan. (See Below)

Hosting Packages

Shooting Star Maintenance

$60 per month

Website Content Updates & Changes

Value: $45 p/h

Adjust images to web pages

Value: $45 p/h

Update Website Templates

Value: $45 p/h

Add a photo gallery to the web site

Value: $45 p/h

Backup the website database

Value: $45 p/h

Fix web page display problems

Value: $45 p/h

Total Annual Value: $1,025

Your Cost is $60 per month or $600 per year!

2 Months Free When Paid Annually!

Super Nova Maintenance

$125 per month

Everything in the shooting star maintenance Package

Value: $1,025 p/y

Monthly WordPress theme & Plugin updates

Value: $1,050 p/y

Monthly Minor website changes

Value: $450 p/y

Managed Yearly Updates

Value: $350 p/y

Up to 3 additional pages per year

Value: $530 p/y

Total Annual Value: $3,555

Your Cost is $125 per month or $1250 per year!

2 Months Free When Paid Annually!

Client Websites

Colaluca Marketing Services

CEO Learning Systems

The Red Couch Medium

Cultivate Your Potential

Jennifer Stone Coaching

Carol Elaine

Website Design Process…

Website Design Process & Terms:

1) We meet for a project discovery call over zoom to understand the scope of the website project. Click Here to Book!

2) We agree upon the correct package for the client, and payment is made – either paid in full or start the payment plan.

3) Separate invoice will be sent to client for any additional pages, blog posts, products and graphic design work.

4) Work will be scheduled AFTER all content (text, images, graphics, logo, etc.) has been received by Stargazers Unite. All website content needs to be provided by email, or DropBox.

5) Your input on your website is essential and welcomed. If you are needing help to learn tools that will be linked into your website, up to 2 Hours of Media Consulting is Included. Any further Media Consulting will be given at a discounted rate of $150 per hour.

6) Within 20 days of receiving all content, a first draft will be presented to the client for review. Full Moon and & Super Moon Design Packages may require an additional 10 Days.

7) For websites that require a turnaround time less than 20 day, additional charges will apply.

8) Any changes that need to be made after the initial review will be done within two weeks.

9) Basic Image & On-Page SEO is included in the Website and your Google Analytics Account and Google Ads can be linked in to your website. However if you are needing additional Seach Engine Optimization (SEO), Help with Google Ranking or Copywrite Services, Stargazers Unite works with reputible busisnesses that provide these services.

10) Our goal is to finish every project within 30 days of actually starting.

11) Projects that drag on longer than 30 days because of lack of client participation (unable to get site reviewed, unable to get all content, unable to get approval, etc.) need to be paid for before completion.

12) If the project lasts longer than 30 days (read #7), it will not begin again until all missing items are given to Stargazers Unite.

13) Up to 3 Revisions for Website Included.

14) Final website payment is due upon approval of the final website. Without complete payment (including any extra charges), the site will not go live onto your domain.

*Stargazers Unite can offer such great website packages by batching the work. When the items are not all available when the project begins, the project time is much greater than planned. Since any lack of organization affects the project’s time frame, there will be extra costs billed before the site goes live. All website packages are priced with batching in mind.

Refund Policy:

All projects take time to set up, develop and have upfront expenses. Therefore, all refunds are the discresion of Stargazers Unite. Unless there are extenuatiating circumstanaces, all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Explanation of Policy:

It is always our goal at Stargazers Unite to have 100% of our clients 100% satisfied, but from time to time a client is unhappy with the results. Normally, this is a because the client is either unable to provide the correct information or does not commuicate their expectations for their projec in a proper fashion to allow their project to be completed.

In most situations Stargazers Unite is happy to offer revisions to the project, but not a refund.

Important to Note:

Stargazers Unite has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for hate speech, hostile behavior and  harassment. If at any point during the process of developing your project you choose to behave in this manner, work will IMMEDIATELY CEASE. Work will be considered complete and  NO REFUND will be issued.

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